Alme Srl is the real armored door because it’s the only one built with a bearing structure and a sheet of 30/10 thickness. Moreover, it’s the only armored door made by a single, extra strong body structure, with a frame made of not by a hollow electro-welded profile, not by two elements bolted together like in the traditional doors. Through this solution, the armored doors Alme Srl have a high burglary resistance and, aesthetically, there is not the metallic border always visible in the traditional armored doors.

These doors are composed by two separate elements, the frame and the counter-frame, that are not fixed together and, through this empty space, air and noise can get inside and furthermore, a robber can put in and lever a screwdriver or a crowbar.

The armored doors Alme Srl are the most robust, secure and elegant currently available on the market. The armored doors A90 series have a bearing structure made of overlaid welded tubulars and, on the outside, a welded sheet of 3 millimeters thickness. The bearing structure gives to our armored doors a strong burglary resistance, an outstanding rigidity and, after the installation, it’s not needed any other setup.

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Our armored doors have a bearing structure of overlaid welded tubulars. On the outside, we welded a sheet of 3 millimeters thickness.

One sheet only

The frame of our armored doors has no defects, no fissures, no possibility to insert a crowbar or to let the air get inside.

One whole frame

Our advanced solutions guarantee the maximum security to your home and to your family from prowlers or intruders.

Improved security