Armoured doors Alme Srl of the series A90 and M3 have a supporting structure made of welled tubulars. On the external side of this structure a sheet of 3 mm of thickness is welled. The supporting structure give an high look-picking resistance and an amazing rigidity to our armoured doors, so much that it does not need any backside adjustment to the lees.

Those who make doors without supporting structure, utilize a second sheet inside the door. This sheet is not useful to security, but it is used to give a little more stability to the shutter.

Imagine the sheet doors without a structure as a shoes box put upside down with the covering on the downside. The box’s bottom is like the external sheet of the door, if you cut the box’s bottom you find the contents right away just like if you cut the first 1 mm sheet you reach the locks of the door at once. So the second sheet is not used to raise the security.

If you try to wring a shoes box without covering you notice that it will lose shape, instead if you put the covering it will be more stiff. And this is the function of the second sheet that only adds stability because there is no structure.

This is way armoured doors Alme 3 have a sheet that vary from 25/10 to 200/10 according to the models, it is welled from the external side of the structure and suited to oppose in the best way to an eventual attempt of lock-picking.

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